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1) not being your golden muse. (frame me. hang me up on your wall. show off my pieces like your prize pony. we’d kiss and you’d take a picture and pass it around to the whole class. don’t stop ad-the next 70 years of our lives.)

2) your honest mouth. tell me you are attracted to me like a pattern. a sequence that only expands upon itself. do not tell me you will come home to me despite how beautiful the others are. lie to me. tell me you want to come home to me and me alone. no despite this no that no despite. just me.

3) wondering why not

4) watching you not watch me. that screen felt so good on your eyes like my lips on your mouth, right?

5) being alone with my sure love.

6) waiting for you to touch me.

7) waiting.

If your not getting happier as your getting older then your fucking up.
Ani Difranco (via notsosoft)


with the exception of you I dislike everyone in the room . .

- arctic monkeys

☼grunge blog☼

☼grunge blog☼

Do you know how much thinking and feeling I’ve done? It’s terrible. And nothing’s come of it.
Platonov, AndreiHappy Moscow.  (via shessofuckedinthehead)
The Buddhists say if you meet somebody and your heart pounds, your hands shake, your knees go weak, that’s not the one. When you meet your ‘soul mate’ you’ll feel calm. No anxiety, no agitation
Monica Drake- Clown Girl (via yeezy2016)
Take it all back. Life is boring, except for flowers, sunshine, your perfect legs. A glass of cold water when you are really thirsty. The way bodies fit together. Fresh and young and sweet. Coffee in the morning. These are just moments. I struggle with the in-betweens. I just want to never stop loving like there is nothing else to do, because what else is there to do?

Pablo Neruda

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Je ne le connaissais pas, celui-là ! 


Je ne le connaissais pas, celui-là ! 

Though I am often in the depths of misery, there is still calmness, pure harmony and music inside me.
Vincent van Gogh, Letter to Theo (21 July, 1882)
The test of one’s decency is how much of a fight one can put up after one has stopped caring.
Willa Cather (via likeafieldmouse)